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My goal as an artist is to inspire a sense of inner balance in those who view my art. I have come to realize my preferred mediums are acrylic, natural gemstones, and energy. I impart energetic vibrations in my paintings through the colors, process, subject matter, and effects of light. I often include natural materials (e.g., stones, crystals, bark, leaves, or berries) in my work so their energy can amplify these feelings, these vibrations.

Do you love a piece but it has sold? Are you inspired by a gallery item but wish the colors were a bit different or it was larger for your space? Ask about a custom creation.

Commissions Available

Looking to personalize your creative collection or complement your living space? Are you inspired by a gallery item but wish it was a little bit different to fit your style?¬†Commissioned art is affordable and one of a kind. Contact me to inquire about designing a project that’s just right for you.

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