About the Artist


Shelly Young

The mother bear, with my youngest child following closely behind her, turned and looked at me.

“Color is the universal language of all beings,” was the message she communicated through her eyes.

With that dream, a dream I’ll never forget, I knew the path I was now on was the right one.

I firmly believe that I made a soul agreement to be part of a group of people that has been called to lead change on a local and global level. My role is to lead through love and acceptance, to spread love and light to all I work with. Art is my modality to do so and spirituality is my teacher. I paint from my soul, from the center of my heart, and I hope I translate positive energetic vibrations to those that view my work.


My Inspiration


Inspiration struck in 2018 and I was guided to answer the calling of my soul. Well, guided may be putting it lightly. It’s more accurate to say my tower had crumbled to the ground.

After the dust settled, I found myself reconnecting with my spiritual side and my creativity started waking up. I opened my mind, heart, and spirit to the Universe. I was divinely inspired to start Lone Raven Art to help others find their own inner balance where body, mind, and spirit are in flow and work together.

Here is the story…

How the Journey Began

My marriage had ended along with the project management position I’d had for almost 20 years. Remember the tower I mentioned before? I knew with all of my being that the changes were for my best interest yet it was hard to look beyond the loss. I realized I needed to explore other career options. I just didn’t know what they should be.

A few months into my unemployment, being no closer to deciding on a job I really wanted to do, I decided to fulfill a goal I had to see Antelope Canyon in Arizona. An item on my bucket list if you will. I told a few friends of my desire and found one who was up for a road trip.


She ended up being the perfect companion for the trip. With her, I was able to open my mind and heart to the universe in search of inspiration.

What should I DO with myself?

What should I BE?

Should I go back into the consulting industry?

Should I do something totally different?

I ended up finding what I was looking for – the inspiration to do something different and the courage to follow the blind path set before me.

The overall trip was a wonderful spiritual journey. I recommend to everyone to pick one place you want to see and plan a trip around it – leave the rest open to whim, chance, and faith.

I am thankful I was able to take this trip. It helped me accept the past, find my inner balance for the present, and provided wonderful inspiration for the future.


Desert Rose Labyrinth at Kayenta Art Village Near Ivins, Utah

One of our unplanned destinations was Kayenta Art Village west of St. George, Utah.

While the art village was great, it was the meditation labyrinth that had the biggest impact on us. The labyrinth was off the road a bit and we almost missed it. There were metal sculptures placed along the path that led into it. The Desert Rose Labyrinth was an art gallery in its own right with stony paths and sculptures that surrounded it.

Walking it was such an emotional and spiritual process. It was cathartic, humbling, and inspiring. I truly felt connected with the divine during the process.

Creating a meditation labyrinth table was the first project I was inspired to create. The table would have crystals associated with the seven chakras, a detail I associated with a tree of life pendant my friend had purchased for me at a rock shop outside of Zion National Park.

The Lone Raven

When we were walking out of the Desert Rose Labyrinth, a lone raven flew out with us. My friend had noticed the raven fly in as we walked down to the labyrinth and perch in a tree as we completed our journey. A lone raven then accompanied us throughout much of our week-long journey and led us to experience some places we hadn’t considered.

I read that when a raven makes an appearance in your life, it marks a moment to pause and give serious consideration to the messages coming your way. A raven is connected with death in many cultures; however, this animal spirit is also one that heralds a rebirth in your life and may signify a transformation that is about to occur. The raven spirit is there to guide you safely through the fray and to stay true to your voice.

The raven was clearly my spirit animal, guiding me onto the new path I was to take.

It was during our trip on our way back home that the inspiration I had been seeking came pouring in to me. I realized the company I thought about starting was Lone Raven Design and it would be art based. Art that would inspire people to seek their inner balance as I had ventured out and found mine.


Seeing the Beauty Around Us

The experience in May of 2018 was amazing and inspired the current path of my life’s journey. The Raven led me to my business name and the labyrinth inspired my artwork. Coming home through Teton and Yellowstone National Parks reminded me of the beauty that is at home. Sometimes we just need to go away to gain an appreciation for what we already have.