Do you have a birthday party coming up or just want something fun to do with a group of friends? Also great for work parties! Private parties or classes include painting instruction, canvas, and supplies. Up to 11 students on-site. Have more people? Let’s plan an off-site party.

On-Site – $40 per student, $160 minimum
Off-Site – $45 per student, $200 minimum*

*Additional travel expenses for distances greater than 20 miles from Billings, MT.


Sacred Creativity Classes - $40 per person

Sacred Creativity Classes combine creativity with mindfulness or soul-centered exercises. This is what I call “Sacred Creativity.” The combination of activities is geared toward connecting the body, mind, and spirit, resulting in an improved sense of inner balance. The classes and activities are suitable for all level of artists and spiritual practitioners.

What you can expect in a Sacred Creativity Class:

  • Taking a moment to become present.
  • Setting an intention for the class
  • Painting Part 1 – Releasing to the canvas what you want to let go of or change
    Meditation/mindful practice
  • Painting Part 2 – Calling in what we want to manifest/embrace

Classes last approximately 2.5 hours.

Divine Connection Classes ~ $75 per person

Divine Connection Classes are geared toward a student that wants a full immersion into the subject matter. The music, instruction, and meditation are specifically selected to go with the content of the class lesson.

Past classes have focused on

  • Releasing and manifesting with the full moon
  • Divine feminine wisdom
  • Inner child connection and healing
  • Traditions and meanings associated with Celtic holidays like Beltane or Samhain
  • Chakra energy centers in the body

The Divine Connection Class will begin with an opening circle ritual and will end with closing the circle. The process will be similar to that of the Sacred Creativity Class and will incorporate mindful practices in addition to painting. Refreshments are provided.

These classes are perfect for someone who wants a deeper understanding of the subject matter. The focus is just as much on the process you go through as the painting you leave with.


The 12-Week Inner Balance Program

Are you ready to transform your life from the inside?

Have you given your power away and you’re ready to take it back? Have you dimmed your light or hidden your biggest and best self to make yourself or others more comfortable? Are you looking for a deeper connection to yourself or to others? Are you ready to wake up to your highest self? Are you ready to CHOOSE joy?


Creating with Gratitude - Pay-What-You-Can

Creating with Gratitude Classes are my way of saying thank you. Thank you to our teachers, hospital staff, veterans, and first responders. Have another deserving group? Let me know!
These classes are offered on a pay-what-you-can basis and the subject matter will be the similar to the Sacred Creativity Classes.

Sponsorships are also available if you want to say thank you and cover the class fee for a student.
I’m excited to be adding these classes to my schedule!

“Shelly is such a joy to work with! I’ve taken many of her art classes and always enjoyed the experience.”
– Hillary L.

All class fees include step-by-step instruction, canvas, and supplies. **Guest instructors will often be featured to share their gifts in leading the mindfulness/intuition exercises. **