Guided Meditation to Connect with your Ancestors

I am pleased that you’ve joined me for this meditation today. Let yourself relax and be completely in the moment. Do not let wayward thoughts disrupt your meditation, instead welcome their passage, then let them continue on their way. To me, meditation is about accepting these thoughts, rolling them over to see if they have come into my head as a topic of meditation for the day, and then letting them go if they have not. Some of these thoughts may be just the inspiration you are seeking.

Start by finding a quiet space where you can be still. This can be a designated sacred space, a comfortable chair, your bed, or a pillow on the floor. Assume a comfortable position, this may be sitting or lying down. Sometimes I’ve completed mindful meditations while walking in nature. Whatever works for you is right for you. 

Close your eyes if you are comfortable doing so. If you prefer, you can soften your gaze with your eyes partially closed and focus on an object a couple of feet away and slightly downward. 

Start with a few deep mindful breaths. Fill your lungs with breath. Feel your shoulders rise and your belly expand. Feel the breath in your back. Release the breath with as much awareness of it leaving your body as you did bringing it in. Feel your body at its core. 

Focus on taking as much time filling your lungs as you do emptying them. Do each on a count of 5. Inhale, 1-2-3-4-5, hold and exhale, 1-2-3-4-5. Repeat this once more. 

On the next inhale, feel yourself letting go of the thoughts you’re carrying from before this session. Exhale and let them go; breathing out, watch them float away. 

Inhale, let go of the thoughts of what you need to do after this session. Exhale and let them go; breathing out, watch them float away. 

On this final mindful breath, feel yourself settle deeper and be present with this meditation. 

Continue this breathing throughout the meditation.